Step Forward

Step Forward

Possibly my all time favorite quote begins the book, The Red Sea Rules, by Robert J. Morgan.

“The Lord will make a way for you where no foot has been before.  That which, like a sea, threatens to drown you, shall be a highway for your escape.”  Charles H. Spurgeon

One of the shortest and most effective prayers we can pray at times is, “God, help me!”

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A Girl Named Erin – By Jessica Arnold

Helping Another To Climb

I have been affiliated with Camp Pinnacle, and all-girls camp in Clayton, Georgia since 2008.

Now, a week’s stay at camp includes a hike up Pinnacle Mountain, if you choose.

Previous to this, the hike was mandatory, and I consistently prayed for storms on the day of the hike.

I volunteered this summer and chose to go on the hike.

That Tuesday morning in July, about 30 of us set off on our journey.

We got a fourth of the way up and we stopped.

 I immediately realized how much I needed a break.

I suddenly felt very sick.

The beautiful green scenery turned white and my head was spinning.

All I heard was ringing in my ears.

I fell to the ground, unresponsive to those around me.

When I was alert again, my friend, Erin was standing over me with a walkie-talkie letting people back on the camp ground know that I wasn’t going to make it to the top.

She was scared.

I was determined.

She suggested that I go back to camp.

I insisted that I go to the top!

After a few minutes of rest, and a small snack, we got back on foot and headed North.

It was just Erin and I.

Everyone else had gone on to continue the hike.

I had one person by my side.


Erin let me set the pace.

She checked on me every few steps.

She was very encouraging to me.

It was like once I got going again, I kept going.

I was not going to be defeated.

I could have easily had a bad attitude about it.

But I chose not to.

I made several spiritual applications along the way.

 Which I believe was God’s intent all along.

We caught back up with the group at the top.

The view was beautiful.

I had seen it before, but it was different this time.

If I had given up and gone back, I would have missed it.

I could have turned around and gone back to the campsite.

 I’m sure that would have been a good plan.

 But God’s perfect plan was waiting for me at the top.

Life is a lot like that hike.

Some parts were easier than others.

Some parts were very difficult and required more breaks and took more time.

Some days are easy.

Some years are tough.

Trials come when we least expect them.

God has something beautiful waiting for us, but it takes obedience, surrender, and patience.

Will we make it to the top?

Or will we give up?

How many times do we give up right before we see the beautiful view from the top?

Where God’s perfect plan is in perspective.

How many times do we find ourselves there to pick up those that fall?

And help encourage them along life’s journey?

 And lead them to the top where God’s best is waiting for them?

How many times have we been the one picked up and carried to the top because friends wouldn’t let us give up and turn around?

How many times are we struggling?

 Yet we see other people moving right along with their own life.

Aren’t you thankful for the Erin’s in your life that didn’t leave you alone and moved on with their hike?

I know I am.

I recall many times when life was so tough and I was ready to give up.

But an Erin showed up and saved the day.

Be thankful for your Erin’s and be an Erin to others.

The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40


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Never Give Up

Never Give UpCreates pretty rainbow formations when applied to an empty aquarium.

Gives bowling balls less grab on the lane.

Spray on bathroom mirror to help keep from fogging.

Spray a watch band to keep it from pulling out your hairs.

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A Man In The Far Distance

Further and Further

A man walks further and further away.

Away – not toward.

Give him something to walk toward.

Otherwise, he will walk even further.



A simple prayer for a person I know.

 I have asked God to provide for this person a reason for them to reacquaint themselves with Him.

To give him something to walk toward.

To renew his hope in the Cross of Christ.

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Ed Roland

If you were to discover the story behind Ed Roland’s and Collective Soul’s monster hit, Shine, you would find that the song was originally written as a prayer.

A little background.

Back in the late 70′s, at the First Baptist Church of Stockbridge, Georgia, a group of youth formed a Christian band.

The youth minister, Reverend Eddie Roland, put his job on the line in order to give the band a chance to minister to other youth.

In the band, was this young teenager.

Great guitarist.

Great vocalist.

But would rarely, if ever, be talked into coming to the center of the stage.

The quiet, shy kid grows up and goes on to write and perform multiple national hits.

Ed Roland is a pastor’s son.

His father, Reverend Eddie Roland was like a second father to me.

Mr. Roland and Mrs. Lynette Roland played a vital role in so many lives.

When he passed away, many of us lost a part of us as well.

The following clip is from a previous video and audio recording with Collective Soul joined by The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.

God has a awesome way of displaying his greatness through a written prayer.



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Even More Nine Words for 2014

Nne Countdown

This nine word idea can work well as a way to go into a new month with your mind and heart prepared for a strong week.

People have previously texted me either nine word phrases or verses and I have been continually adding those to the ones I have found as well.

Even more Nine Words. [Read more...]

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