Within Five Of Setting The Record

almostOur site was within five visits of setting our one day all time high mark.

Then visits began coming in after midnight and begin the numbers for today, now being Saturday.

Gosh, thank ya’ll for showing such in interest.

We really do want to encourage people.

Good night.


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Welcome New Visitors!

Welcome!At 10:00 p.m. visits to our site goes up and tapers back off around midnight, and then those on the other side of the world start clicking in.

If you are new to this site, please hang out and browse through well over 600 entries by selected contributing writers.

We will not offend, (hopefully), but we do intend, (again hopefully), for those who visit to think, be encouraged and log out with a little more hope than when you logged in.

We welcome new ideas all the time.

Please let others know that we are here.

Again, welcome, and thank you for visiting.


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Website Exceeds Any Previous Mark!

climbingWith seven days still left to go in the month, www.johnhembree.com, during the night, exceeded any previous month since it began, in terms of visitors and repeat visitors to the site.

It seems inadequate to thank those who have visited each month, but each month has grown exactly because of that, because of you.

Someone said to me when we began the site, “That’s nice, John, but it is just a hobby.”

If in fact, it is that, “just a hobby”, then I would like to express my appreciation to the thousands of people that have allowed me, and our other contributing writers, to share our hobby with you.

Please keep visiting and please keep sending people our way.

Thank you.



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