So Much To Tell You

I want to know every detail of your life, your routines down to the smallest decisions you make and why.

I want to understand that part of you.

I also want to tell how much the site has grown.

There is something I am working on that would take me to Israel.

Just looking for an open door.

To say I miss you in such an understatement.

I still do.

You are the only one.

You are the last one.

I live knowing that.

A gentle good night to you.


Call me at 8:30.

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Who We Really Are

Impression III

Cole Haan dress shoes, argyle socks, Ralph Lauren slacks, Brooks Brothers undershorts, Polo undershirt, Jos. A Bank white dress shirt, Austin Grey blue blazer.

I am not going to lie, because that would be wrong.

I was looking pretty good.

And I felt good about myself.

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It Ain’t Much…But It’s All I Got


As a teenager I grew up in what was then a small rural community called Stockbridge, Georgia. One red light kind of town. I would not change my upbringing, I loved it.

In our community, each year there was an annual festival called “Ole Stockbridge Days”.

You’ve seen these, booths, rides, crafts, blocked off streets, etc.

Great fun.

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Bring Out Your Dead

Is it possible that at some point in your life, maybe even at this stage, that others have tried, or are trying to treat you as dead?

Even though, you are very much alive?

The picture below is an image from the movie, Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

It is the “Bring out your dead.”, scene.

Bring Out Your Dead

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