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What God Seeks

"A man who finds his heart in another person finds what God seeks. someone to talk to, someone to see his image reflected in them." Jedediah Grant

“A man who finds his heart in another person finds what God seeks. someone to talk to, someone in which he can see his image reflected in them.”
Jedediah Grant

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Can’t Go A Day


“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston shared the philosophy of, “No other…No after…”


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Text Exchange From Empty Nesters

The-Empty-NestFrom the series, The Truth About The Empty Nest.

An actual text exchange.

Me: Before this day is out you are going to kiss me passionately.

She: What has brought that on…?

Me: Because I want to kiss my wife.

She: R u sure u meant to send that to me…?

I then had to convince her that my text was in fact intended for her.

This empty nest phase is going to take some getting used to.


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A Simple Man

Simple LifeA simple man never accepts that he has been defeated, therefore he continues in his quest and never concedes.

Hearts, minds and victories are won in such ways.


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Until Lambs Become Lions

Lion 3I resign at the end of each day to end my quest for a life beyond what I could think or imagine, determining that I have nothing to say or write that would cause one tittle of difference in the heart or life of another person.

Then I come across a quote like this.

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Pen And Sword

Pen And Sword“The pen is mightier than the sword.”  Edward Bulwer – Lytton

The pen penetrates the heart, the soul, where the sword penetrates the flesh, the skin and bones.

I caught a glimpse of what I have dreamed of, yet has eluded me thus far.

If words from a pen could only capture the mind, the heart and soul as easily as a sword captures one’s enemy I would indeed be victorious.

And victory would bring with it a life of untold imagination.




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