The Crush Of Silence

The crush of silence leaves behind it devastating circumstances when questions are left unanswered, regardless of the answer.

No One, No After, No Matter,



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Out Of Place

Out of placeIn the basement of our office building is a very nice corporate size gym.

Every day at lunch the facility fills up with younger fit professional types and then there are a few guys like me, just wanting to stay fit.

Each day toward the end of the lunch hour work out, a young woman in her late twenties arrives, changes and begins her own work out.

She leads two other woman who work out with her.

I watch her every day though until two days ago I have never spoken to her.

She inspires me to train harder and to keep pushing myself.

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Let’s Face It…You Just Do


Walk The LineIn the movie, Walk The Line, there is a scene where Johnny Cash has collapsed on stage the night before, overcome by the use of drugs.

His tour is cancelled, his band is heading home and he is laid out on a bed in a hotel room, physically still recovering from the incident.

A hand comes into frame checking his fever, and the camera pulls back to reveal June Carter sitting next to him with a disgusted look on her face, her livelihood also affected, looking at this train wreck of a man.

Three of my favorite lines from the movie are these.

Johnny Cash: “Tell me you don’t love me.”

June Carter: “I don’t love you.”

Johnny Cash: “You’re a liar.”

When we love someone, your mouth can say it’s not so, but your heart knows differently.

Let’s face it…you love them.

You just do.

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I Bet It’s Today!

ExcitedGo into today with expectation.

With anticipation.

With excitement.

I am the type of person who goes to bed with this thought, “It did not happen today, but I bet everything within me it will most definitely happen tomorrow!”

And now tomorrow is today and you should expect it to happen.

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A Broken Record

Broken RecordIn the day that there actually was a record, you might oft hear the phrase, “You sound like a broken record.”, meaning we say the same thing over and over again.

I am guilty of this.

Maybe people tire of the subject of hope.

I hope not.

It has become the center of the center of my life.

Another broken record phrase for me.

Nine words.

“My hope is in the name of the Lord.”

Nine words,


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July 2nd…Annual Spectacular

july-2It is beyond my limited understanding.

July 2nd, is a date each year, for the past five years, that something spectacular happens in my life.

Again, I can not explain, but I can document it.

Already this morning, I have closed the largest single deal of my budding recruitment career.

There is so much of the day left.

Whereas Good Friday is my favorite day of the year…

…July 2nd is my most anticipated day of the year.

Bring it!!


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Life As A Silhouette

Man in silouhetteWhat if we no longer wanted to hide our life behind the secrecy of a silhouette?

What if we wanted our life to be a completely open book with nothing withheld?

What if when any of us awake in the morning we are unable to speak anything but the truth, no matter the consequences?

No lies.

No masks.

That leaves a lot to the imagination.

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