When Yesterday Meets Tomorrow

3_07Having a sleep disorder can be a blessing.

You have more time than others in a given twenty four hour period to accomplish tasks.

I have read, read and read and sleep will not come.

Nor did it come last night.

Since it is after 3:00 a.m., I thought I would at least express a few thoughts.

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A Tip On Kindness

Honey II

I have recently finished the book, It Worked For Me, by Secretary Colin Powell, Four Star General, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State.

I have long appreciated his approach to diplomacy and civility.

In the book, there is a chapter entitled Kindness Works.

Here is just a short segment from the book that for me is a great life lesson.

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Wednesday Prayer

child praying
I believe that confrontation can be positive and that we as Christians, must set the agenda.
We, we being Christians, have become so bogged down with matters that are unimportant and made them important.
But also, as a nation, we have lost our way and have been losing our way for decades now.
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Midnight Prayer

Man PrayingBeing a late night guy, I tend to get more sensitive the later it gets.

As it approaches midnight, I felt to offer this prayer.

I am aware of all the distress in the world.

The threat of ISIS, the feelings of hatred that is transpiring globally toward that which I consider holy.

To be naïve to these issues would be foolish.

Hope is the weapon to oppose hatred.

“God, it would seem that the world as we have known it, is truly approaching a precipice.  Once we, as a globalized community go over that precipice, there is little that can be done.  Except to hope in You.  May truly evil men come to their death.  May wicked men be caught in the snare of their own plan.  May those who oppose with violence your Gospel of Good News, either succumb to your reign, and seek violence no further, or may they be destroyed by Your love for those who You consider to be your own. May our children, be protected from any harm.  May we, as their parents realize that without you and the Hope of Christ, we have nothing to offer the next generation.  It is in the name and Hope of Christ that we pray.”  Amen.

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Something Priceless

Priceless“Like a treasure a man discovered in a field.  In his excitement, he sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field–and get the treasure, too!”

“Like a pearl merchant on the lookout for choice pearls.  He discovered a real bargain–a pearl of great value–and sold everything he owned to purchase it!”

Common denominator?

The words, “sold everything”.

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Oops II

Say the word “ooops” to yourself.

Then say it over and over, giving it a different inflection each time.

Then have someone say it to you.

Then you say it to them.

Have a kid say “Ooops”.

Then find an older person and have them say it.

It is one of those words that just makes you smile, and maybe even laugh, for no reason at all.

We need more words just like that in our daily vocabulary.


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