Living Out An Almost Life (You Were Meant To Stand Out)

Stand Out

There are so many books, articles, blogs, millions upon millions of words used to promote the uniqueness of “you”.

I guess this website is no different.

Except, finding the you, in you, is not necessarily supposed to bring undo attention to you.

It should however, cause, others to pick you out from the crowd.

To distinguish you from all the rest.

Have you ever been in a crowded room and it is as though Moses has parted the Red Sea, someone just stands out?

We all have.

You were meant to stand out.

You should walk in confidence.

You should.

You should look into people’s eyes when you speak.

Firm grip with the hand shake.

Upright posture.

Dressed nice to fit the occasion.

Personal style does not negate having the stylish sense to understand your surroundings.

Don’t mumble.

When entering or existing, do so with your head up.

Body language is everything!

You are sending messages to everyone around you, whether you ever say a word.

Seek out a book on body language in business and social settings.

You will be amazed not only at the signals you are sending, but the signals you can also read from others.

Be who you are.

And develop further who you wish to become.

Be the orange fish with the bright white stripe standing out in a sea of green.

You were designed to stand out.

Be prepared to do just that.



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Living Out An Almost Life (A Big Bowl Of Confidence)



bowlMy email.


“I am wearing Bostonian saddle oxford shoes, Ralph Lauren khakis, Polo undershirt, Brooks Brothers white button down, a red Nautica sweater vest and a dark green with navy lining Patagonia jacket.  My smile is wide and my hair is parted just perfectly.  You missed out.  I ain’t gonna lie to you.  I look good.”

Their response?

“Well, somebody had a big bowl of confidence this morning!”

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