I’d Like To…

likeI am going through a period where I am writing down all the things, “I’d like to do”.

Some menial, some monumental.

Some spiritual, some not.

It is important to remind ourselves that to push ourselves takes us into places where we long to be.

Stretch yourself.

I’d like to…


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A Big Bowl Of Confidence

bowlMy email.


“I am wearing Bostonian saddle oxford shoes, Ralph Lauren khakis, Polo undershirt, Brooks Brothers white button down, a red Nautica sweater vest and a dark green with navy lining Patagonia jacket.  My smile is wide and my hair is parted just perfectly.  You missed out.  I ain’t gonna lie to you.  I look good.”

Their response?

“Well, somebody had a big bowl of confidence this morning!”

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