A Man’s Confessions


What if someone were to pour out their soul to you?

Just totally empty themselves.

Would you stare at them with your mouth wide open?

Would you already be considering the first person you could tell?

Or would you, stand there, humbled by the trust that the other person had placed in you?

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A Stone So Big

Stone Mountain

Can God make a stone so big that He can not lift it?

My daughter, Suzanne and I, went to Stone Mountain, Georgia, last evening.

A daddy daughter date.

We climbed Stone Mountain just before sundown.

It was so quiet and peaceful.

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7,634 Pounds Of Reality

Earlier today, 7,634 pounds of reality fell upon me.

Not a few pounds of “real” at a time.

The whole amount.

As bad as I want to run great distances.

As lofty a goal as it is to remain youthful at heart.

To be young in love.

There are 7,634 reasons that separate me from what I want more than anything else.






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“The Ones Add Up”


When Howard Schultz, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks came back to the company in 2008, he found that the leadership was focused on opening new stores globally, but had lost it’s original focus.

Starbucks was built one cup at a time.

One customer at a time.

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What You Are Thinking


This past Sunday morning, I had arrived at the third of three Sunday morning services at our church.

Having arrived a few minutes prior to the service starting I was catching up with my friend, Stephen Guinn.

A little background.

First of all, I mentioned his full name, because I believe the guy is going to be famous.

The Amazing Stephen.

Or something like that.

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